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Thank you for visiting my site and following along with my campaign!

I am a Virginia native and moved into Albemarle County in 1978, where I have lived continuously, for the last 41 years.

I attended Murray Elementary School in Ivy, K – 5th, Henley Middle School, in Crozet, 6th – 8th, and Western Albemarle High School in Crozet 9th – 12th, class of 1990.

I was raised by two great parents , Col. Thomas J. Hallahan, USAF Ret., and Barbara J. Hallahan, the owner and operator of Jefferson Engraving & Awards, Inc. at Woodbrook Shopping Center a business she and my father started in 1983.

I attended the University of Virginia for 4 years and received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science in 1994. I was hired after college by the Albemarle County Police Department, and between 1994 and 2000, I served as a law enforcement officer in Albemarle and Greene counties.

In the late 90s I apprenticed with local attorney L. Dayton Haugh for 3 years, and took the bar exam in 2000. I opened my own law office in December of 2000, and since then I have served over 11,000 clients in over 50 jurisdictions around Virginia. I purchased my farm along the James River in the Scottsville District in 2003 and built my home there in 2008 where I live today.

My two older children attend Albemarle County Public Schools and my youngest will be enrolled in Kindergarten next year. My roots in Albemarle County go back to the 1970s and I have a stake in its prosperity as it is where I am raising my family!

I am extremely responsible with my money and I will be just as responsible with yours, because tax money comes directly out of the pockets of the people.